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Spartan Ventures is a strategic venture capital partnership firm with a focus on fast-tracking value for creative entrepreneurs and innovative products. Combining the perceptive vision and awareness of our seasoned team, we identify strengths in businesses that meet unmet consumer needs and then act as investors that add real value. We provide both capital and business expertise to decrease risk, enhance product development, and secure successful exit(s).

Spartan Ventures fills an important funding gap for businesses of all sizes, making investments of time, money, and high-level consultation over the life of an investment.

The firm has collaborated with more than 30 seed or early-stage companies, nearly half of which have already realized successful exits, such as acquisitions, IPOs, partnerships, and other liquidity events.



Reg Lapham is a seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated “deal maker” who consults and invests time and capital in projects that have the vision and that inspire positive change.

Having established several successful ventures across a span of market spaces, Reg seeks creative, collaborative, and innovative opportunities, regardless of the business sector – “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

He is an accomplished executive with proven skills in strategic vision and tactical business plan execution with valuable expertise in strategy, financial management, and developing and growing high-performance workgroups in a myriad of settings.

Most recently, Reg co-founded a now publicly-traded biopharmaceutical drug development company, Nemus Bioscience, Inc. (NMUS), which is actively engaged with numerous departments at the University of Mississippi with its research and development lab located at the Insight Park Innovation Hub. He is committed to continuing to build his friendships and relationships within Ole Miss and desires to become more of a force for positive economic change in the state of Mississippi as a whole.

For many start-ups, Reg has been ultimately responsible for fund-raising, investor relations, overseeing all financial aspects of the business, identifying strategic partners, growing the management team, and managing legal and regulatory compliance.

Before exiting the constraints of “Corporate America” as a full-time entrepreneur over 15 years ago, Reg consistently proved himself as a leader and valuable asset for companies such as The Goldman Sachs Group, Kiewit Corp., McCaslin Development Co., and Eckland Consultants, Inc. Reg is highly regarded as an effective negotiator with an “intuitive instinct” who has built and managed large scale, multi-faceted projects on a national and international basis. He is recognized as a high-performance leader dedicated to excellence and outstanding communication.

He is also a proud supporter of Mississippi Development Authority, MS Society, Second Harvest Food Bank, Collette’s Children’s Home, Food Allergy Research & Education, Project Self Sufficiency, American Heart Association, Heal The Bay and Wounded Warriors to name a few.

Reg has been received the California Senate Certificate of Recognition for commitment to the safety and well-being of our community, a County of Los Angeles Commendation in recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of LA County and a Long Beach Police Dept. Certificate of Community Service for voluntary acts of bravery in response to the protection of human life and property.

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American Heart Association, AIDS Foundation, South Africa, Ambassadors of the Texas Children’s Hospital, American Heart Association, Baylor Alumni Association, Baylor University Hankamer School of Business Scholarship Fund, Cade R. Alpard Foundation, Camp Sunshine, Catholic Relief Services, Claris Health, Collette’s Children’s Home, Disabled American Veterans, Epilepsy Foundation, First Frisco United Methodist Church, Food Allergy Research & Education, Gabby Krause Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Heal The Bay, Houston Area Parkinson Society, Houston Technology Center, Immunization Partnership, Jr League of Houston, Memorial Assistance Ministries, Keep A Breast Foundation, Kinkaid, Long Beach Memorial Miller Children’s Hospital, Long Beach Police Officers Association, Long Beach Rescue Mission, Make-A-Wish Foundation, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mississippi Development Authority, MS Society, National Brain Tumor Society, National Collegiate Cancer Foundation, National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, Parkinson’s Foundation, St Francis Episcopal Church, Project Self Sufficiency, Regis Jesuit, Second Harvest Food Bank, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, St. John Vianney Church, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, St. Monica’s Catholic Church, St. Thomas More, The Red Cross, Waking The Passion, Walk With Sally, Wayuu Origins Company, Wellsprings Village, Inc., and Wounded Warriors


I have known Reg Lapham for quite some time now, and I have found him to be an extremely engaging, active listener and an extremely organized servant leader. He makes checklists and executes – he reverse engineers to help find solutions by actively listening to people and company’s problems that need to be solved.

He constantly moves the ball forward, and would be someone that I would always recommend to anyone or any company having difficult issues to solve. As an aside, but important, as I have gotten older and wiser from both successes and failures (learning much more from my failures and never going to be done learning!) – I trust my ‘gut’ and intuition, as, without a doubt, I strongly know he is a solid guy with strong integrity and a moral background. Lastly, he possesses a drive and passion that will serve in making the journey to any solution that much more efficient and less bumpy!

- Todd A. Rustman, CFA, CFP, CLU | Clarity Capital Partners, LLC —

I find him to be a shrewd businessman that always does what he promises to do, a man of his word. He is very passionate about the projects he undertakes and holds no effort to make them succeed. I can’t think of a better person to have a business relationship with than Reg.

- Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D., BCFE, BCFM | National Center for Natural Products Research

Working with Reg has always been a real pleasure as well as a great learning experience. Reg has a curious mind, is an active listener and learner, is highly intelligent, and has also been extremely generous with his business development knowledge. It is nice to work with people who can apply knowledge so adeptly like Reg. I also love being able to learn so much from experts like Reg. From the very beginning, I knew that Reg was an excellent person and through many years of working, that feeling was constantly verified by his conduct and consideration. When I first met him, he let me know that it might take some time to get back to me, but he did.

Reg has a very warm and personable manner that is sincere and genuine. Some smart people like to constantly prove it while others like Reg, prefer to focus on doing the right thing and are more concerned with the teamwork and actual progress than taking credit. I find this characteristic so refreshing and invigorating in a business person and friend.

Reg is a great guy and the type of person who instills a lot of loyalty and friendship. When you work with Reg, you really, really want to go the extra mile for him.

- Daniel R. Kimbell, Esq. | karish and Bjorgum, PC -



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